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Create A Unique Stone Table Top With Slab Pieces - August 27, 2014

What are you looking for in a table top? The chances are you want to be able to rely on it when it comes to creating a sense of occasion. You also want the wow factor and you don't want it to go out of style.

You've got a good idea what you're looking for.  The hard part is finding it. We've all spent hours browsing stores, magazines and websites to find that elusive piece of furniture to complete our desired look – only to become disheartened when nothing seems to quite fit the bill. So here’s the answer: design your own!

With expert help from Picasso Tile & Stonework, creating your ideal table has never been easier. Here’s why creating your very own stone table is something you should consider…


The solidity of stone – just the way you want it

Some materials never go out of style. Take stone for instance. If you're looking for clean lines and a simple finish to create a contemporary look, this material is perfect. Equally, its classic feel means it fits right at home in a more traditional setting. Its use isn’t limited to your dining or living room either. Properly treated, stone can be used to create a stunning outdoor centerpiece. Why not source a piece of slate that complements the natural landscape in which your home is set?

This flexibility will serve you well as time goes by. Your décor may feel in need of a revamp from time to time – but your stone tabletop will almost certainly fit right in with whatever look you opt for.

Don't settle for second best

The problem with pre-made furniture is that you very often end up getting ‘more or less’ what you’re looking for. It might not be the perfect shape or size for your room – but you go with it anyway.

The good news is you can forget all of that. With Picasso Tile & Stonework, traditional craftsmanship is blended with state of the art technology to enable you to create a piece that’s perfect for your space. There’s no need to worry about squeezing a table into an awkward space: the self-design approach means you can get the dimensions exactly how you want them.

The wow factor – every time

‘Where can I get one of those?’ How often have you thought about asking this whenever you’ve seen a piece of furniture that’s impressed you? The beauty of the hand-made approach is that no one will ever have a piece that’s exactly the same as yours.

There’s also a certain amount of satisfaction to be gained by being involved in the design process yourself. Picasso Tile & Stonework has its very own inventory of remnant slabs as well as access to different types of manufactured stone for you to choose for your table. Commonly we see these slabs used for table tops, centerpieces, countertops, backsplashes, and more!

Giving careful thought to the building blocks for the project – and then specifying exactly how you want it to finish up, can be a more exciting prospect than simply leafing through a catalogue and pointing at what you want. This is especially the case when it comes to slate. After all, look closely and you'll see that no two pieces are exactly the same. Which piece has got your name on it?

Demonstrating your green credentials

Salvaging the old and breathing new life into it: this is recycling at its best. There’s often a personal touch to this too. If you have a unique antique that’s perhaps been in the family but it needs a new top or a little redesign, here’s your chance. Creating your own piece of furniture means those basic building blocks are being put to actual use (rather than gathering dust someplace!).

Go into it with an open mind

You might have a fixed idea about what you want from a table. That’s fine. By designing your own, you should be able to find something that measures up perfectly to your idea. At the same time though, it’s worth taking a good look at what’s out there. Once you browse through a wide selection of salvaged pieces and manufactured stone, you may change your mind completely on the type of piece you want.

Equally, you may have your heart set on a stone table but are unsure what type of stone and what shape of table to go for. Fortunately, Picasso Tile & Stonework is ideally placed to show you the way. The setting, the purpose and the people who are going to use the table: these are a few of the things you should take into account when designing the perfect stone table top.