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5 Custom Backsplashes That Wow! - July 25, 2014

Custom backsplashes define a space and set it apart from any other! Simply by using a tiled backsplash, your favorite bathroom or kitchen will make its way to the top of your favorite room list. Whether using mixed shapes of tile or sticking to a more contemporary color scheme, your house will become a work of art, one wall at a time.


Crema Marfil Bath

Blue and gold colors define this luxurious bathroom. All types of materials are used to reflect the diversity that mosaics offer, but this bathroom features Crema Marfil natural stone. Shapes include the traditional square tile as well as triangles and even half circles. Each different shape is brought together to form a detailed, perfectly pieced, decorative border. Above, the main part of the backsplash is made up of gold and blue hued iridescent glass tiles. Larger inlaid tiles of gold are placed over the three mirrors in a diamond shape for a little additional detail. Made of natural stone, the bottom border leads to a beautiful glass tiling on the larger part of the wall.

One recommendation when considering your own diverse backsplash design is to avoid using the same exact color of tiles and shape of tiles. Mixing colors, shapes and sizes of tile creates a more impactful design. When picking out your tile colors, coordinate them with the other pieces in your bathroom. What color is your vanity top? What type of hardware will be on your drawers? This bathroom picks up the gold in the vanity top by adding specks throughout the backsplash. The bronze drawer pulls work well with the other gold colors in the bottom border. When designing a bathroom, even the smaller details like the towel rack complete the overall look.

split-faced_mosaic_-_Picasso_Tile__Stonework.JPGSplit-Faced Mosaic

Think outside the box when determining what tile to use in your home. A great example of tile doing more than you think it could is this bathroom that uses a split-faced mosaic. To create a three dimensional look, the designers choose to use a tile with a textured finish. The look and feel of these tiles will bring the beauty and texture of natural stone into the home. Perfect for a bathroom that has an elemental look, this type of stone can make a space feel more organic and rustic in feeling. Adding tiling to the bathroom divider also gives the bathroom a more cohesive look. When designing your bathroom, tie in the design by adding some tile to your shower. With this walk-in glass shower, you can see the split-faced mosaic repeated along the front panel in a vertical line behind the shower head and temperature control.

Even if your bath doesn’t have a walk-in glass shower, you can repeat the split-faced mosaic along the side of the bath or behind your toilet. Another idea to incorporate the tiling is to add a border around the entire bathroom as well as behind the vanity.



iridescent_tiles_-_Picasso_Tile__Stonework.JPGIridescent Tiles

A natural stone countertop has its own unique coloring with no two exactly alike. Once you have found the perfect slab, glass tiles are an easy way to match your chosen countertop. In this stunning master bathroom, the iridescent tiles are picked out intentionally to reflect the vanity top. Mosaic tile backsplashes are a fun aspect of tiling because they are so diverse in shaped, design, color and material. With your dream bath in mind, you can choose a backsplash for your home that complements your chosen color combinations. Focus on what is already working in the space and build upon it! The gold hues throughout add a rich and detailed appearance in the countertop that then coordinates with the stone vessel sinks.

If you would just like to refresh your bath, look at what is already working in your bathroom. Do you love your vanity color? Is the countertop a rich focal point in the room? Have you found an accent piece that can define the space? Go from there and choose tiling that works with inspiration piece. Iridescent glass gives off a shiny and layered look when lit up. You can find this type of glass in all types of colors to make your perfect backsplash.


transluscent_gloss_glass_tiles_-_Picasso_Tile__Stonework.JPGTranslucent Glossy Glass Tiles

You can use your backsplash in your kitchen to determine the feel of the space. Whether you want the room to appear warm or have cool undertones, you can utilize your tile colors to help set the mood! For this kitchen, the homeowners wanted to create a warm feeling with the colored glass tiles. A lighter tile or more neutral backsplash would have a completely different effect. Sand-like tones and reds helped to make the gourmet kitchen inviting and cozy.

According to Tiger, warm colors “are vivid and energetic and tend to advance into space. Cool colors “give an impression of calm and create a soothing impression.” Warm colors include yellows, reds and oranges among others and cool colors include blues, greens and purples. It’s important to decide if you want your kitchen or bathroom to have a warm tone or cool tone before picking out tile. If you desire a space that is calming and appears larger, a cool tone may be perfect for you. If you would like your room to feel more closed in and personal, a warm tone as shown, may best fit your needs. You can also allow the colors of your appliances and other furniture determine the color scheme you pick out.


ceramic_tiles_-_Picasso_Tile__Stonework.JPGCeramic Tiles

When you think of tiling, you may think of mosaics and not of larger blocks that create a more modern aesthetic. The ceramic tiles come together to give the space a simple yet graphic background in this contemporary bathroom. On a selection of focal tiles, a flower is added, for another visual piece to the wall. Neutrals help keep the bathroom from looking too cluttered. These porcelain tiles are rectangular in shape and are white, black and brown. Keeping the tiling basic puts the attention on other details such as the stone sink and bathroom accessories.

For contemporary looks it is best to keep the tile basic in shape with only a few colors. Details should be kept to a minimum with one good focal point. A bright color for pop can be added for accent but should be used in moderation. Avoid over accessorizing the room and intentionally leave some empty space.


Whether you are going for classic, rustic, traditional or modern, Picasso Tile & Stonework has the experience and skill needed to turn your dream bathroom or kitchen into a reality. Talk with one of our experts about your project today!